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Python-Based Tools for the Space Science Community

SpacePy grew out of several projects at LANL with the need to utilize a common code base, reducing the reinvention of wheels, and strengthening the collaborative effort. SpacePy is a package for Python, targeted at the space sciences, that aims to make basic data analysis, modeling and visualization easier. It builds on the capabilities of the well-known NumPy and MatPlotLib packages. Publication quality output direct from analyses is emphasized among other goals:

  • + Quickly obtain data
  • + Create publications quality plots
  • + Perform complicated analysis easily
  • + Run common empirical models
  • + Change coordinates effortlessly
  • + Harness the power of Python

The SpacePy project seeks to promote accurate and open research standards by providing an open environment for code development. In the space physics community there has long been a significant reliance on proprietary languages that restrict free transfer of data and reproducibility of results. By providing a comprehensive, open-source library of widely-used analysis and visualization tools in a free, modern and intuitive language, we hope that this reliance will be diminished.

Users of SpacePy

SpacePy is already being used for major space science projects and at several government and educational institutions. The following list is not inclusive and steadily growing:

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